Priority coastal and marine issues

To best support the needs of marine and coastal care groups, the Network is seeking expressions of interest to establish a list of priority issues for WA local organizations in the fields of marine and coastal management. The objective of this call is to draw up a list of coastal and marine issues to assist the Network to : 

  • generate new knowledge or information to facilitate local solutions to environmental problems;
  • facilitate the passage of information between community groups and local, state governmental agencies ; and
  • to assess and evaluate the application of innovative solutions to decrease environmental degradation in WA.

From this, the Network will select up to three issues as case examples to directly support cohesion and collaboration between stakeholders (across scale and jurisdictions, where appropriate) to work towards addressing those issues.

To nominate a top issue of concern for your group, email with:

  1. Your name, role, organisation (if applicable), contact details and postcode/area
  2. One key local priority issue (broad description, geographical scope, socio-economic influence, potential impacts associated with climate change)
  3. A list of stakeholders currently involved in addressing/responding to the issue.
  4. Top three barriers to addressing the issue.
  5. Key opportunities resulting from addressing the issue

Top photo: CMCN