Improving peer support for Coastcare

The Community Capacity Assessment 2021 project, funded by the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program and implemented by Perth NRM, has undertaken interviews, workshops, and online surveys to determine the current circumstances of Environmental Groups and Coastcare Group in the Perth region.

The data collected reveals the enormous and invaluable number of hours and skills that conservation volunteers are contributing towards environmental outcomes.

When comparing the data of Coastal Groups with data from other Environmental Groups there are no significant discrepancies visible.

The highest concern remains the lack of younger volunteers and the difficulty in attracting them, this is followed by poor support and training provided to groups about Aboriginal engagement and Aboriginal knowledge. The need for more for knowledge sharing opportunities and networking was also raised by many participants of the survey and workshops.

In one response to these findings, Perth NRM has taken the initiative to establish the PNRM Enviro Network on Facebook. Within this group, survey outcomes will be published and the Enviro Community will be encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions to identify solutions around common issues. The Groups welcomes new members and is looking forward to you joining the conversation and hearing your thoughts. LINK: PNRM Enviro Network

We invite environmental groups to work with us on creating videos that show the work, and the people, undertaking conservation work in our region. Groups that are interested in creating a video please contact

To strengthen organisational support provided to Environmental and Coastcare groups, Perth NRM has initiated an Umbrella Group Coordination Meeting. Within this meeting participants join forces to review strategical options and respond to identified issues collectively.

Umbrella Groups such as the WA Coastal & Marine Community Network, the Urban Bushland Council, WA Local Government Association, Perth NRM, and SERCUL are already participating in these early Umbrella Group Coordination Meetings.

The Community Capacity Assessment 2021 is implemented by Perth NRM through funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.  

Author: Raphaela Raaber – Perth NRM Community Engagement Project Officer.

Feature Image: Perth NRM supports many Coastcare activities throughout its region. Photo supplied by Perth NRM.