Perth-Peel coastal walk – website and book

The Perth-Mandurah metropolitan area now extends over 200km, from Dawesville in the south to Two Rocks in the north. This is a longer distance than the Cape to Cape walk between Capes Leeuwin and Naturaliste.

Most of the Perth-Mandurah coast is developed with foreshore reserves separating the houses from the beach, and most of these reserves now have formal paths that run parallel to the coast. These paths and tracks offer a range of experiences from the busy and highly developed to the quiet, almost wilderness, with most somewhere in between.

It can be walked in sections of varying lengths, or it can, in effect, form a single long distance walking trail which can be walked end to end over 6-12 days, depending on your level of fitness.

Starting in 2014, I walked or cycled the entire length of the Perth-Peel coast, and I have created a website where you can download material about this walk. I have defined 18 coastal sections north of the river and 24 south of the river which are each between 4-5km, and has been designed as an out and back walk – i.e. around 8-10km (give or take). It is aimed at day walkers. You can download PDF documents for each segment which provides information on:

  • How to get to the starting point using public transport – in all cases, car parking is available at the start point, although in some cases it may be paid parking (for example Fremantle Train Station);
  • Key facilities on the way (e.g. toilets and drinking taps) and
  • How to return to the starting point using public transport

You can access this material here  .

I have also written a book which is a detailed guide of how to do this coastal walk end-to-end, using public transport to get you to the starting point and back again once you have finished a leg.

The book can be purchased from my website – or from the Perth-Peel coastal walks website above. I have kept the price down to cover the cost of publishing the hard copies. It is available in four formats: hard copy, ePub for phones, ePub for tablet, and a PDF version.

For more information, I can be contacted on   and 0448 1224 64.

A popular stretch of the Perth-Peel coastal walk. Photo Credit: Garry Middle.

Author: Garry Middle

Feature Photo Credit: Garry Middle.