Djildjid Dreaming – a story of Aboriginal Fishing of the Derbarl Yerrigan

Djildjid Dreaming tells the story of the Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River), the culture supported by it, traditional fisheries past and present, changes to the Swan River after English settlement, all produced through the lens of Biboolmirn Noongar man Joe Collard, who has ancestral ties with Perth metropolitan region. This recently launched short documentary is beautifully filmed with shots of different areas of the Swan River basin, filmed throughout the pandemic, and definitely worth viewing. As stewards of the river plains Biboolmirn Nyoongar people developed sustainable techniques of fishing and co-existing with the natural resources of Nyoongar Boodja. In present times and modern settings, access to traditional areas and fishing practices is not always available to First Nations people, a topic we must begin (or continue) to consider in WA’s coastal management practices. Despite the many challenges faced, the Biboolmirn Nyoongar community continue their traditional roles as custodians and stewards of our natural landscapes, encouraging the use of sustainable thinking and sustainable practices for the continuation of this beautiful boodja for all generations to come. We now invite you to take 8 minutes of your time and watch this beautiful short documentary and consider the ways in which you interact with WA’s coastal landscapes and how this video might inspire you to think differently.

This documentary was sponsored by, and produced through the collaborative creation of Joe Collard and Natasha Collard of, and Erik Bibaeff and Jodee Bibaeff of It was an honour to have supported the documentary with environmental research and two-way science communication, through Please enjoy some behind-the-scenes photos.

Director Erik Bibaeff shooting scenes of Biboolmirn custodians in traditional dress at Serpentine Falls (Photo credit: Claudia Franca de Abreu)

Claudia de Abreu and Arnold van Rooijen interacting with actor at the end of a shoot (Photo credit: Jodee Bibaeff)

Erik and Jodee Bibaeff shooting a scene at Bells Rapid (Photo credit: Arnold van Rooijen)

Author: Claudia Franca de Abreu

Feature photo: Biboolmirn youth enacting traditional spear fishing (Photo credit: Claudia Franca de Abreu)