Watch out for the Golden Crownbeard!

Don’t be fooled by this pretty weed which looks like a mini sunflower.

It hardly needs any water to put on a magnificent display in autumn. Your dreams have not come true! This is a serious environmental weed which is toxic to livestock and has become a costly menace in the rural area around Geraldton.

It is a threat to our health and prosperity! It has already spread out of gardens. Together we can stop it’s spread into rural areas.

It usually grows to less than a metre but with extra water can be twice that. It will behave as a weed in your garden by popping up in any spare space.

This weed, golden crownbeard  has distinct petals and leaves. The bright yellow flowers have petals with 3 indents on the end. The leaves are lanceolate with distinct serrations, the underside can have a silvery hue.  Residents may be reluctant to remove this weed out of their garden.

Report to your local government. Before  you pull it out, download the My PestGuide Reporter app on to your phone. Make a report and choose My WeedWatcher instead of My PestGuide.

If it is in your garden you need to pull it out now before it seeds and put it in your green bin. If you see it in someone else’s garden, drop them a note.

Author and photo credit: Sue Conlan, Friends of Mosman Park Bushland