CMCN addresses challenges facing grassroots coastal community action

The Western Australian (WA) Coastal and Marine Community Network (CMCN) supports connection, collaboration and engagement of stakeholders to improve the health and sustainability of Western Australia’s coastal and marine environments.  The Network was established in February 2020 in response to an identified need for enhanced coordination of the work of community-level organisations engaged in coastal and marine conservation and management activities. It was also established to serve as a centralised information hub for use by community organisations as well as local, State and Federal government agencies.

The CMCN is a network of diverse stakeholders with a passion for the WA coastal and marine environment, who interact to learn together and from each other. In WA, valuable coastal and marine conservation and management work is already undertaken by individuals, community groups, private organisations, research organisations and government agencies (termed collectively the ‘WA coastal and marine community’ or ‘Community’).

The CMCN believes that through the sharing of best-practice, knowledge of high-quality coastal and marine processes and ecological data, successful outcomes achieved, and the facilitation of education and training, conservation and management outcomes will be maximised for the benefit of the whole Western Australian community and coastal/marine systems. There is currently no other organisation or accessible mechanism that facilitates appropriate levels of resource sharing and cohesive outcome-focused local-scale management practice for WA coastal and marine stakeholders across communities, government and science in this manner.