Core Strategic Group

The Core Strategic Group provides strategic leadership for CMCN. They are responsible for steering the development, review and implementation of the CMCN Strategic Plan and steering all of CMCN events, activities and resources.

Carmen Elrick-Barr


Carmen is a human geographer with over 17 year’s experience in the field of coastal management. Carmen has worked for international development agencies (e.g. AusAID, USAid) and national and municipal governments in the Australia, the Pacific, South-east Asia and Europe on coastal management and climate change adaptation. She is the state chair for Western Australian branch of the Australian Coastal Society; a Future Earth Coasts Fellow; and on the editorial boards of Ocean and Coastal Management and Frontiers in Climate: Climate, Ecology and People.

Kate Sputore


Kate is the Coastal and Marine Program Manager at Perth NRM. Her role focuses on coastal ecosystem restoration, environmental education, community engagement and project/stakeholder management. Kate has a Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology and Zoology) from UWA.

Hannah Gulliver


Hannah is a passionate coastal advocate for grass-roots community action and environment. With 7-years’ experience in supporting community in natural area restoration, Hannah believes in community connection as a key driver in conservation action. She strives to strengthen this connection, and protect and restore the Perth Metro coastline as a Coastal and Marine Coordinator at Perth NRM. Hannah’s passion led her to start a small business, co-directing environmental education organisation ‘Eco Action,’ connecting community and school students to nature (especially our smaller and essential creepy crawlies) through engaging experts in their field to communicate research, hands-on learning and conservation action opportunities.

Vanessa McGuiness


Vanessa is a qualified environmental scientist with experience in program management, NRM programs, STEM education, community and event organisation and more recently waste management. Her Bachelor in Environmental Science has led to many career building opportunities in coastal and marine management, sustainable development and science communication.

Alana Campbell


Alanah is a Coastcare Support Officer at NACC in Geraldton. She has a Bachelor degree in environmental and marine science. She is especially interested in marine research, community education and capacity building.