Core Strategic Group

The Core Strategic Group provides strategic leadership for CMCN. They are responsible for steering the development, review and implementation of the CMCN Strategic Plan and steering all of CMCN events, activities and resources.

Hannah Gulliver


Hannah is a passionate coastal advocate for grass-roots community action and environment. With 7-years’ experience in supporting community in natural area restoration, Hannah believes in community connection as a key driver in conservation action. She strives to strengthen this connection, and protect and restore the Perth Metro coastline as a Coastal and Marine Coordinator at Perth NRM. Hannah’s passion led her to start a small business, co-directing environmental education organisation ‘Eco Action,’ connecting community and school students to nature (especially our smaller and essential creepy crawlies) through engaging experts in their field to communicate research, hands-on learning and conservation action opportunities.

Carmen Elrick-Barr


Carmen is a human geographer with over 17 year’s experience in the field of coastal management. Carmen has worked for international development agencies (e.g. AusAID, USAid) and national and municipal governments in the Australia, the Pacific, South-east Asia and Europe on coastal management and climate change adaptation. She is the state chair for Western Australian branch of the Australian Coastal Society; a Future Earth Coasts Fellow; and on the editorial boards of Ocean and Coastal Management and Frontiers in Climate: Climate, Ecology and People.

Claudia Franca de Abreu


Claudia is the Founding Director of Coastal Connections, a consultancy that specialises in community engagement and coastal rehabilitation and management. Claudia is a Coastal Oceanographer and a Human Geographer with specialist knowledge in Indigenous wellbeing research, and community consultation with participatory and Indigenous methods.

Peta Sanderson


Peta has a PhD in Coastal Geomorphology. She is an accomplished leader with over 10 years of executive management experience across a broad range of portfolios including international partnerships and student recruitment, research, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and employment, as well as teaching and learning. Peta is currently Emeritus Professor at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Training Specialist at Trainwest and Chair of Penrhos College Council.

Joanne Ludbrook


Jo has been a passionate coastal volunteer and practitioner for 20 years. She is currently President of the Australian Coastal Society and a committee member of the WA Landcare Network. Jo has been the Coastal Adaptation Coordinator for the Peron Naturaliste Partnership since 2011 and is currently working with the CoastSWaP and Woolkabunning Kiaka Corporation here at Roelands as a Training Provider and Program Manager.

Pierre Bouvais


Pierre is a marine ecologist with over 10 years’ experience working in the academic and private sectors.  Pierre’s past roles have included working on a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site in New Caledonia; Resilient Reefs Initiative led by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation; managing a Marine and Terrestrial Nature Reserve in Mayotte; and working in the Pacific and the Indian Oceans on issues related to marine conservation, integrated coastal zone management and climate change.