CMCN events in 2023

V – August 2023 – Climate Change Implications on WA’s Coastline

This event is hosted by CMCN (WA’s Coastal and Marine Community Network), and proudly supported by Coastwest grants and thThis event is hosted by CMCN and proudly supported by the City of Joondalup, Coastwest Grants, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, and the Natural Resource Management Program.  e City of Joondalup.

Join us for this full-day event of expert speakers, round-table panels and workshops, discussing the impact of climate change on WA’s coastlines and the potential solutions leading us towards a sustainable future.

This event brings together a selection of WA’s esteemed experts from across the fields of science, community and local government and aims to initiate an insightful and informative dialogue on innovative coastal management in WA.Topics covered throughout the day will include: 

  • WA’s climate change and coastal science; 
  • coastal planning and management policies in WA and Australia;
  • nature-based solutions for coastal protection;
  • top ocean innovations emerging in the blue economy; 
  • Indigenous knowledge on coastal care (TBC); and,
  • the crucial role of communities in addressing the climate crisis.

Whether you are an interested citizen, climate advocate, policymaker, scientist, or researcher, this event offers the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and to strengthen our understanding and collective resolve in tackling the climate challenges facing WA’s coastlines.A full program outlining the event schedule (including a list of speakers) will be released closer to the date. This event will be in-person, however we will be livestreaming the talks. Registration is FREE, so register now to secure your spot either in-person or online.

Tue 29th Aug 2023 | 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Joondalup Reception Centre
102 Boas Ave, Joondalup WA 6027, Australia



Doors will open at 8.30am for a 8.50am start and will begin with a morning series of short talks from various expert speakers, followed by a catered lunch at 12:30pm where you’ll have the opportunity to ask the experts your questions during round-table sessions. The afternoon series (for in-person participants) follows with a panel and workshop discussion, and the event closes at 3.00pm. Don’t miss this enlightening chance to come together as an engaged community and collectively walk towards a brighter and more resilient tomorrow.

In-person and onlineonline participation from 8.50 am – 12.15 pm

Dr Arnold van Rooijen

Coastal Engineer and Forrest
Prospect Fellow at the University
of Western Australia.

Craig Perry

Coastal Adaptation
Coordinator at Peron
Naturaliste Partnership.

Andrew Outhwaite

Managing Director
at For Blue.

Vivienne Panizza

Planning Manager at
DPLH (Department of Planning,
Lands & Heritage).


The afternoon round tables and workshop offer participants the opportunity to ask questions, share information and brainstorm with others.

Coastal values
Abbie Rogers, UWA

The role of LGAs in implementing long-term
complex coastal adaptation responses
Lucy Sheehy, WALGA

Citizen-led coastal and marine projects
Mike Norman, Joondalup Community Coastcare Forum

The role of Nature-Based Solutions in coastal management 
Dr Arnold van Rooijen, UWA

Coastal Climate Change Implications and the role of NRMs
Kate Sputore, Perth NRM

The CoastAdapt session will outline the key aspects of CoastAdapt and then have a group discussion on participants’ key coastal issues and knowledge needs.

Workshop delivered by Anne Leitch

Anne’s background is in coastal and marine science, climate adaptation and communication and community engagement. She is employed by NCCARF and the Griffith University Climate Action Beacon where her main activity is to overhaul CoastAdapt with new and revised information and tools.

IV – July 2023 – WA Coastal Data Mapping Round-table

Discussing storage and accessibility of WA coastal data.

There are many types of data being gathered in WA in relation to our coastlines, by different types of organisations. The Coastal and Marine Community Network (CMCN) has identified through surveys and in exchange with collaborators that there is a keen interest to discuss solutions to centralise and make data more visible and accessible to different coastal practitioners.
This round-table shall discuss the current state of data collation, storage, and dissemination, with the intention of coordinating efforts in WA increasing collaboration maximising resource efficiency.

Outcomes expected:
– A list of types of data being collected in WA
– Data storage methods
– Options for a centralised storage of data, and if that is desired
– Synergies between organisations
– Ways forward in data sharing and data accessibility

If there is interest, the CMCN may become available to facilitate future Coastal Data Mapping meetings.

Tue 25th Jul 2023
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

This event is invite only, please contact us if you are interested in attending.

DISCLAIMER: CMCN does not have the capacity to store data or coordinate data collection and storage. Our role as a network is the coordination of efforts to achieve a common goal.

III – May 2023 – CoastAdapt

For any queries please contact Raphaela Raaber on

Updating CoastAdapt for coastal decision makers in Western Australia

CMCN is co-hosting this informative webinar with CoastAdapt.

CoastAdapt is national information resource online platform that provides data, guidance materials, decision support and tools relevant to sea level rise and other climate impacts. Originally launched in 2016, CoastAdapt is undergoing a comprehensive update and is seeking to consult with coastal decision makers to better understand their contemporary needs for information and guidance.

This webinar will offer a forum for coastal decision makers in Western Australia to discuss current issues and provide feedback on how CoastAdapt can provide support. We will work through some WA-relevant examples of how it can be used. Stakeholder consultation continues to be an important aspect of CoastAdapt to ensure it remains useful.

The upgrade of content for CoastAdapt is funded by the Australian Government’s National Emergency Management Agency.

WED 31st MAY 2023
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

II – April 2023 – Waves of Wisdom

Thank you to funding from Coastwest Grants and for the support from Central Regional TAFE Geraldton and the Dolphin Discovery Centre Bunbury.

For any queries please contact Raphaela Raaber on

Join this exciting state-wide event

CMCN is co-hosting a cross-regional hybrid partnership event that seeks to connect people and projects along the WA oceans. Presentations will be live-streamed from a variety of locations offering people the opportunity to connect in person and state wide. Come along and learn about WA’s thriving Coastal and Marine projects. We welcome you all.

Find out more information: DOWNLOAD REPORT



For the in-person event hosted by the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC) and WA’s Coastal and Marine Community Network (CMCN):

Register for in-person event hosted by Perth NRM:

Register in-person event hosted by CoastSwap and CMCN:


I – March 2023 – Resource Library Collaborative Development


Zoom Incubator Workshop

CMCN is collating a coastal and marine digital library named the Whirlpool. We aim to bring together important and relevant resources so they can be easily found, shared and accessed across the state of WA. 

In this incubator workshop we are inviting academics, industry representatives and members of coast care or friends groups to join in a conversation and contribute to identifying the best data, research, manuals and tools for the collection. If you have technical experience, research or materials you can share in the library we welcome your attendance.

There is opportunity following the workshop to be part of a working group to support the development of the Whirlpool library collection.

Contact CMCN to join the working group >