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Blue economy

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Blueprint for Marine Science 2050



This report is an independent, objective assessment of future marine research in WA. The Blueprint is focussed on participating stakeholders and aimed to ensure the research agenda was guided by real world priorities.

An Australian blue carbon method to estimate climate change mitigation benefits of coastal wetland restoration

LOVELOCK et al, 2022


This paper describes the development of a blue carbon accounting model (BlueCAM) and how it can provide estimates of abatement of greenhouse gases from restoration of coastal wetlands.

Enabling Indigenous innovations to re-centre social licence to operate in the Blue Economy

LYONS et al, 2023


This review examines governance and mechanisms for Indigenous participation and inclusion in the distribution of economic benefits, and monitoring and managing environmental and cultural impacts of Blue Economy industries.

Framing the Blue Economy: Placelessness, Development and Sustainability

Celine Germond-Duret


This article places the blue economy at the intersection of three discourses: the placelessness of the sea, development and sustainability. It discusses how the blue economy justifies the governance of maritime space.

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Offshore Aquaculture: a Market for Ocean Renewable Energy
Ocean Energy Systems


This report details the various challenges to and opportunities for co-locating ocean renewable energy (ORE) and offshore aquaculture. Co-locating these operations may promote expansion into offshore areas and increase the sustainability of aquaculture operations, encouraging both the growth of the blue economy and the needed decarbonization of the marine food sector

Blue Economy Policy & Legal Database
Blue Economy Corporate


This website hosts a database of policy and legislative arrangements relating to Australia’s blue economy, which – together with the mapping and analysis of such arrangements – will help industry, researchers and government understand and navigate a complex policy and legal environment in which Blue Economy activities take place.

A network approach to analyse Australia’s blue economy policy and legislative arrangements
Frohlich et al, 2023


The complex and fragmented policy and legislative environment is a major constraint to investment and development of the blue economy. This research study has developed a rapid and simple form to visualise and analyse such large and complex policy and legislative systems.

Annual Report: Blue Economy Corporate Research Centre
Blue Economy Corporate Research Centre


This report provides an overview of several blue economy projects from 2021-2022 in collaboration with industry, local governments and Universities.

State of the Blue Economy Forum Report 2021
For Blue


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This report summarises the common themes and priority objectives discussed at the 2021 State of the Blue Economy Forum in Fremantle. The forum convenes leaders and innovators from across marine industries, including fishing, energy, engineering, research, tourism and conservation; discussing state, trends and collaborating on priorities towards the vision of WA being the leading ‘blue’ economy in the Indian Ocean by 2030.

AIMS Index of Marine Industry Assessing Australia’s ‘blue economy’
Australian Institute for Marine Science


The AIMS Index assesses the contribution of Australia’s “blue economy” to the nation’s economic bottom line. The AIMS Index provides an estimate, based on accessible economic data, of the income that is directly earned by Australian marine-based industries. AIMS’ mission is to assist the sustainable development of this incredibly valuable sector of the nation’s future prosperity.

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