Coastal hazards

Coastal hazards

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CoastWA Local Government Survey Outcomes Report



This report outlines how the CoastWA Local Government Survey informs greater understanding of the challenges and barriers to coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning for local government.

Coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning guidelines

WA Government


These tools provide guidance for decision-makers to develop and implement effective coastal hazard risk management and adaptation plans.

Coastal Erosion Hotspots Report: Fact Sheet

Department of Transport


This information sheet outlines a study on the scale and extent of coastal erosion in WA.

Coastal Erosion
Hotspots Report

Department of Transport


This report reveals the results of a coastal erosion assessment evaluating locations in WA over the short and medium terms, along with associated potential costs.

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Working for nature: 2021 community capacity assessment
Perth NRM


This 2021 Perth NRM Community Capacity in Natural Resource Management (NRM) survey contains 200 full responses from Individual Volunteers and 65 distinct groups or organisations. The report outlines concerns for environmental volunteer and community groups (including coastal volunteers).

Coastal Risk Australia
Coastal Risk


This resource allowes to view Australias coastline in its state in 2100. You can pan and zoom to your places of interest to see the high tide flood extent for today and into the future based on projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Coastal erosion news
ABC News


This link will take you to recently published ABC news articles covering the topic of coastal erosion

State Planning Policy 2.6 – Coastal Planning
WA Government


The State Coastal Planning Policy provides for the long term sustainability of WA’s coast (December 2022).

Identifying and Incorporating Community Coastal Values in Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning: A Case Study of the South West of Western Australia
Craig Perry, Curtin University


This research explored community coastal values and how they may be impacted as a result of climate change, explicitly coastal erosion and inundation. The research also examined how specific collaborative learning practices can enhance understanding and knowledge uptake of coastal climate change in the community and how community values of the coast can be incorporated into coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning.

Flood mapping tool
WA Government


This tool makes it easy for you to learn about flood risk in your area.

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