Coastal zone management

Coastal zone management

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Coastal Erosion and Management

Department of Transport


Find out more about erosion studies (e.g., sea level, coastal movement data) and initiatives that help to manage WA’s coasts and infrastructure, including the management of coastal erosion hazards.

Coastal Zone Strategy

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH)


This strategy report outlines a vision for a sustainable coast with long-term benefits for the community and visitors to the State.

State Coastal Planning Policy (Policy and Guidelines)

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH)


These policy documents provide planning guidelines for the long term sustainability of WA’s coast.

Digital Earth Australia

Digital Earth Australia (DEA)


For decades satellites have captured imagery of Australian landscapes and DEA curates, corrects, and makes this image data freely available on the interactive DEA Maps.

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Elvis – Elevation and Depth – Foundation Spatial Data
Elvis – Elevation and Depth – Foundation Spatial Data


Elvis Elevation and Depth is a cloud-based system allowing users to easily discover and obtain Australian elevation and bathymetry data available within their area of interest.

Coastal Planning and Management Manual
Western Australian Planning Commission Guide

The aim of this manual is to provide community groups, local government and other land managers with a practical guide to coastal planning and management for Western Australia.

WA Coastal Zone Strategy
WA Government


The WA Coastal Zone Strategy establishes a vision of a sustainable coast for the long-term benefit of the community and visitors to the State.

Planning approaches in WA


In WA, land use and development control is by way of Regional Planning Schemes and Local Government Local Planning Schemes which define zones, reserves and other controls to implement State, regional and local government strategies and policies. In this resource you will find relevant information and links.

Australia’s Coasts and Estuaries
Australian Government


This resource provides information on the coastal zone managing bodies and responsibilities in Australia.

Coastal governance: embracing vulnerability and change
University of the Sunshine Coast


This website provides lists pubished papers and Research Insight summaries covering topics relating to coastal management and governance in Australia.

Priorities for coastal research in Western Australia
University of Western Australia


This white paper identifies research priorities for coastal management in WA based on input from a broad range of stakeholders. It is intended to help facilitate discussions and decisions about the most urgent and critical research required to improve the management, protection and sustainable utilisation of WA’s coastline.

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