Offshore exploration

Offshore exploration

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WAMSI Node 6.1 – Offshore and coastal engineering and the effects of climate change – Summary

WAMSI (Western Australian Marine Science Institution)


This report covers the modelling of past and future sea level / storm surge and waves in WA.

The extent and protection of Australia’s deep sea

Kylie Pitt, CSIRO


This paper identifies the extent of Australia’s deep sea, the deepest locations in Australian waters, and how much of Australia’s deep sea is located within marine parks.

New research finds deep-sea mining noise pollution will stretch hundreds of miles

Lauren Sydoruk


This article outlines research on underwater noise pollution from seabed mining operations and discusses the affects on understudied species that live in the deep sea.

Offshore Minerals Act 2003

Government of Western Australia


Offshore Minerals (Consequential Amendments) Act 2003

Offshore Minerals
(Registration Fees) Act 2003

These links lead to the Offshore Minerals Act 2003 documentation.

Further listing

Maps and geospatial information
Government of Western Australia, Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety


This resource provides data and maps about WA’s offshore projects e.g. Petroleum Titles.

Seismic, petrophysical and petrological constraints on the alteration of igneous rocks in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: implications for petroleum exploration and drilling operations
CSIRO; Michael Curtis, Simon Holford, Mark Bunch and Nick Schofield


This article describes the properties of igneous rocks encountered in nine petroleum exploration wells and scientific boreholes in the NCB and their impacts on exploration and development issues.

Offshore oil and gas exploration
Australian Government, Australian Maritime Safety Authority


This website hosts guides and links related to offshore oil and gas exploration.

Land and deep-sea mining: the challenges of comparing biodiversity impacts
Steven Katona, Daina Paulikas, Saleem Ali, Michael Clarke, Erika Ilves, Thomas E. Lovejoy, Laurence P. Madin & Gregory S. Stone


This article frames the challenges of comparing biodiversity impacts of deep-sea mining and considers current knowledge about species, ecosystems and system level impacts of biodiversity change.

Australian Marine Complex (AMC) Strategic Infrastructure and Land Use Plan (SILUP)
Government of Western Australia


This strategic plan identifies the short, medium and long term upgrades required to guide the AMC’s development as a nationally significant industrial area for the defence, marine and resource industries.

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