Offshore renewable energy

Offshore renewable energy

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Establishing offshore wind

Australian Government, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEW)


This resource provides several documents and guides regarding WA’s offshore licensing and infrastructure activities for renewable energy projects.

Offshore renewable energy – wind farms fact sheet

WAFIC (Western Australia Fishing Industry Council)


This fact sheet provides information and educational material related to WA’s offshore energy infrastructure (OEI).

WA Offshore Windfarm Project

EPA (Environmental Protection Authority)


This report provides information on the EPAs environmental impact assessment of the WA Offshore Windfarm proposal

An ecological risk assessment for the impacts of offshore wind farms on birds in Australia

Reid, G. Barry Baker, Eric J. Woehler


This ecological risk assessment is based on life-history and behavioural attributes of 273 bird taxa, to identify which of those taxa are at high risk from negative interactions with offshore wind farms in Australia.

Further listing

Balancing profitability of energy production, societal impacts and biodiversity in offshore wind farm design
E.A. Virtanen, J. Lappalainen, M. Nurmi, M. Viitasalo, M. Tikanmäki, J. Heinonen, E. Atlaskin, M. Kallasvuo, H. Tikkanen, A. Moilanen


This research on offshore wind farm design considers location suitability, sustainable design and ecological impact.

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